privateEveryone has a unique voice and bringing that voice to its full expression is a process. A process of becoming more and more of who you are by doing three things well: letting your personality come through, making every communication a conversation, and having a wide range of visual, vocal, and verbal expressiveness.

The key to success is combining purposeful practice with coaching that is both insightful and results-oriented:

  • view yourself, your audience, and the process of communicating in a more self confident and engaging way
  • communicate your individual value to a project or organization
  • reduce speaking anxiety
  • develop a strong signature style and 'voice' you can depend on

Executives • Emerging Leaders • Invited Speakers • Instructors • Personal/Professional Development

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1:1 Coaching is designed to fit your level of experience, individual objectives, and schedule. 

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What Clients Say

Valerie was critical to my speaking success at a company event where I spoke for 90 minutes. Valerie has a keen understanding of what it takes to bring out that confident and calm voice that will make you sound credible. She is extremely present and thorough during coaching sessions, which allows you and her to clearly outline how your message and content will have the biggest impact. She is adaptive and fluid, which gives her the unique ability to tailor coaching to a variety of audiences. Valerie was exactly what I was looking for in a speaking coach and it made all the difference.

_Director of Leadership Development CHG HEALTHCARE