1:1 Coaching

raiselevelI contacted Valerie because in my career as a litigation attorney I had received candid feedback from colleagues and students that I tended to speak softly and monotonously and that my body language was equally disengaging—in short, that I came off in a generally flat and boring way. I sought Valerie's help to learn how to liven things up by speaking more dynamically, confidently, and persuasively.

A consummate professional, Valerie designed a course of speaking skills that was tailor-fitted to my goals and particular personality. She worked with me on handling speaking anxiety; using different types of body language for different communication purposes; varying the pace, emphasis, and volume of my speech; improvising, role playing, and presenting prepared arguments; and, above all, learning how to speak in a congruent, natural, and authentic way that would connect with my various audiences. She was just the right combination of being supportive and demanding in her teaching. She was always thoroughly prepared for our sessions. And she is truly expert in her ability to convey the information in an encouraging way that gets results.

I can't recommend Valerie more enthusiastically. Her unique background, broad knowledge of speaking and presentation skills, and excellent interpersonal skills make her a true gem in her field. 

_SLC Attorney

Valerie's training was indispensable. I had my first keynote speech coming up and worked with Valerie for 6 sessions. I have been giving presentations for years and felt like I was a good speaker, but I really leveled up under her guidance. From movement to inflection to notes to designing content to things I would have never thought of like how to enter the stage, and how to make sure that the stage is setup correctly. Her training even averted a disaster for my talk with the room setup because I knew what to look for and ask for. I could not recommend her enough.

_Software Craftsman

I was put in contact with Valerie when I was tasked with giving the opening ceremony remarks to 6,000 attendees at the Girl Scouts National Convention. I will be forever grateful for Valerie's professional coaching and expertise that readied me for this opportunity. Valerie helped me craft a message that was heartfelt and powerful. She made the most of every session we had together, and made sure I was well practiced and confident when it came time to speak. Due to Valerie's expert coaching, my speech was a great success. I will not hesitate to contact Valerie for future speaking engagements, and have recommended her numerous times since working with her.

You will not want to pass up the opportunity to work with this knowledgable and dynamic woman!

_Board Chair of Girl Scouts of Utah (2013-2015), VP of Corporate Integrity & General Counsel for a national charity

I am solidly within that percentage of folks who would rather do almost anything than speak in public. However, anxiety, fear and avoidance and, in my case, a wonky heart do not guarantee that public speaking will not be part of the demands of professional life.
"We will practice," she said...and she meant it. For hours every weekend Valerie made herself available to me. She created an audience in my head and helped me say with sincerity what I truly wanted my colleagues to hear. She made sure that in her presence I said the words, made the gestures, visualized the audience. She advised on using slides (fewer are more effective), reading the audience (always with compassion), providing handouts (don't let them distract), and being spontaneous (spontaneity favors the prepared mind). She was encouraging and demanding, challenging and supportive, and, most profoundly relevant to my progress, she was a model of charity and generosity

I absolutely and highly recommend her to any organization or individual.

_Licensed Advanced SUDC, CMHC

Presentation Skills Group Training

We worked with Valerie to tailor a half day program for three of our management team. Each manager had slightly different needs and we had to plan around both web based and in person communication/presentation skills. The feedback from participants was very positive, with each feeling they had learned new and important skills. The debriefing after the program enabled us to plan ways to build on the progress made. We're very happy with the results of Valerie's coaching and look forward to further opportunities to work together.

_CEO, President, eReinsure

As a financial advisor firm, we spend a lot of time with clients and often make presentations before groups of people of varying sizes. It is, therefore, very important that we communicate effectively and efficiently so that the investment work we do is presented to and received well by our audience. That is where we rely heavily on Valerie for assistance. She has been wonderful in helping us craft our message and deliver it in a way that resonates with audiences. Her approach is very "hands on" as she critically evaluates your presentation style and gives you practical tips so that you come off polished. With her assistance, we have been much more successful at keeping our audience engaged and interested in the message we want to portray.

Above all, working with Valerie is fun, and very insightful. We will continue to use her for every important presentation!

_Yellowstone Partners

Val is a miracle worker! She has helped me and those for whom I am responsible make tremendous progress in very short periods of time. One person was unable to speak in front of even a small group. After just a few sessions, this same person spoke to a large group of almost 400 people with self-assurance and grace. Val has helped those who "lecture" transition their style to one of engagement with audience participation. We rely on her to assure our presentations are effective, educative and impactful.

_Director, Quality and Patient Safety

Career Training

Valerie's communication expertise and skill as a trainer proved to be invaluable in developing our Career Skills Course for a major employer. Her unique and effective training methods helped employees learn presentation skills that will serve them throughout their careers and add to their value as an employee. In fact, the employer has requested including Valerie in future training sessions. I also hope for opportunities to work together in the future!

_Director, Corporate Solutions

Thank you for all your work with our employees. They are empowered, motivated, proud of their abilities, and prepared to take their next steps on the way to their career and life goals, thanks to your passionate work with them. I love working with you!

_Career Development Manager, LDS Hospital Human Resources

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