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Theatre Based Communication Training for Professional Speaking and Presenting

Does your boss ask "How Come Your Personality Disappeared?" after you deliver a public talk or presentation? Are you an expert at convincing others to follow your logic but lack the skills to connect in a meaningful way? Is being a more expressive and authentic communicator critical to your professional success?

Improve your stage presence and audience engagement now with personalized 1:1 coaching or schedule a customized skills training for your team onsite at your business location.

Put live AND virtual speaker coaching into practice. See the difference in the results you get.

Announcing: Live Zoom Video Coaching for individuals and Teams

We're in a different world now. One where your ability to communicate in virtual settings has just swelled in importance.

Want to bring your virtual speaking presence alive? Does your team want to level up and compete in the virtual world? Need help preparing for a video job interview?

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Presentation and Presence

With it's unique focus on hard and soft skills (strengthening what you say and improving how you say it) ConsciousSpeaking prepares you to show up with confidence, deliver a clear message, and connect to the hearts and minds of your listeners.

Prepare now to make your next communication effort more than just mere words.

Audience-Centric Presentation Design • Content Development Coached Practice Radically Authentic Delivery

What Clients Say

1:1 Coaching

I can't recommend Valerie more enthusiastically. Her unique background, broad knowledge of speaking and presentation skills, and excellent interpersonal skills make her a true gem in her field. A consummate professional... read more

Presentation Skills Training

Val is a miracle worker! She has helped me and those for whom I am responsible make tremendous progress in very short periods of time. One person was unable to speak in front of even a small group... read more

Guest Speaker

I attended your presentation on Speaking With Influence at the Utah Women in Higher Education conference and found your 1-hour skill-building presentation there to be superb... read more

Valerie Kittel


Valerie Kittel is a theatre trained communicator and public speaking coach. She has successfully coached leaders in global politics, business, law... read more