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Professional Communication Skills

Move up. Manage Up. Speak Up.

Moving up, managing up, speaking up require advanced interpersonal communication skills many of us never practice until we find ourselves trying to successfully engage in higher level conversations, lead effective cross team communication, grow a staff, or change a business culture.

Professional communication skills training builds new advanced interpersonal communication and leadership skills for small groups, teams, and individuals who want to connect better with people to produce better results.

Interactive skills based instruction is based on the premise of understanding personal communication patterns and identifying the communication patterns of others:

  • digital communication channels - does your participation hinder or improve productivity?
  • preferred listening and speaking styles - how flexible are you?
  • verbal/nonverbal communication - are you in control of the image you project?

“Everyone on the team found the training really useful and helpful, especially with the speaking and listening styles. I think I found it most helpful myself just because now as a manager I'm finding I really have to adapt my communication to different personality types. I also think people found it valuable getting to practice and get feedback immediately; we never really get to do that.”

- Manager, Software Developer Relations


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