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Public Speaking + Presentation Skills

Improve the Confidence and Impact

Despite the endless communicating we do in our professional lives, many of us can lose our personalities or freeze when we get in front of too many people.

Customized presentation skills group training improves the confidence and impact of staff members, teams and individuals by targeting the following skills:

  • body language (posture, movement, gestures, eye contact)
  • delivery (attitude, articulation, pacing, pauses)
  • professional demeanor (nervousness, first impressions)
  • how to: create audience involvement, structure a presentation, project a confident presence

“As a result of her coaching, the session received extremely high ratings, and subsequent speaking events have been easier to prepare for and show up well. I would highly recommend Valerie, and look forward to working with her again.”

- Senior VP, People and Culture

“Valerie’s presentation skills and public speaking training provided both easy tips that staff could implement immediately, as well as more in-depth tactics they could continue to practice over time. Public speaking is intimidating to so many people, but Valerie creates a supportive and safe environment that is also fun; even staff members who have traditionally been resistant to participating in any kind of “hands-on” training were enthusiastic and engaged.”

- Manager, Communications & PR, City and Metropolitan Planning


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